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   Jul 02

Beauty Cosmetics Guide cosmetics are products that boost your beauty. The products can be natural or chemical. They come in many forms such as serum, pills, spray, creams, lotions, powder and many other forms. The products could be used any time of the day before after surgeries or according to the instructions. The demand of cosmetics has increased many folds in recent years as people want to look more glamorous and beautiful.

Beauty is not only about having good skin but having good lustrous hair, well toned body, the odor of the body everything comes under domain of beauty. Some people are naturally endowed with beautiful physical gifts whereas some are not, but do not get despaired as right kind of product will help to achieve the desired goal.

Natural beauty products are better accepted by people now days. Chemical products may show instant and faster results but they may cause irreversible damage to the skin, allergies, darkening or wrinkling of the skin or damaging the hair. Natural products are milder and enhance the beauty naturally. Natural products are safer to use.

Beauty and make up complement each other. They go hand in hand. To look beautiful you should know the how to apply correct make up. Applying right kind of make is an art in itself which can be learnt easily.When it comes to buying beauty products cheap quality product found in any shop should be avoided. Always buy quality products that have natural ingredients and offer great results.

   Jul 02

The Transcendental Perfection: Beauty has different levels depending on the subject from which it transcends; intelligible beauty directly is attached to the spiritual life and the sense perceptible beauty is applied to things, which attracts our sense, especially our hearing and seeing.There are different types too, natural beauty which comes from the nature of beings, therefore we can say a woman is beautiful naturally in her femininity and rationality; and artificially when she starts further enhancing her beauty through make-up, dressing and exercise, and a painting is artificially beautiful in so far as it is painted artificially by human hands.

The Unity Of Beauty And Goodness

A special type of goodness is beauty because it gives rise to a special delight by simply being known. The sensible appetite comes into play when it feels the aesthetic appreciation and delight. It is the contemplation of the beauty of the object not on its possession. Beauty is pleasing to the will or sense appetites simply by being known by the senses or the intellect.

The Foundation Of Beauty Lies In Perfection

The foundation of beauty lies in the perfection of the desired object; things are pleasing because they are beautiful. Therefore whether or not there are men or women who are capable of appreciating a beauty, the perfection still resides in the object and thus beautiful. This perfection is from the act of being, the fullness, and absolute Beauty.The foundation of beauty is the absolute. Beauty, the act of being, and we can say things are beautiful in so far as they already possess perfection. However this is not the only aspect of beauty. A created being can only reach the fullness of the beauty if it possesses the perfection of its very nature. An example of this is a woman can only be truly beautiful in her being a woman, in her finest feminine nature.

   Jul 02

The Beauty of Art for no sake except its own is the only form worth pursuing, when beauty has a dual purpose it detracts form itself, let me explain further as i realize i have launched into my thoughts without taking the time to go into detail. If a beautiful object such as a painting or sculpture or a fine building has a primary or secondary function other than to be beautiful it ceases to be so, and thus falls into the well worn trap of being merely practical.

Many people suppose that all beauty can have a purpose, A flower is comely to attract bees, as is a female to attract males at first glance it would well seem that every natural beauty has a purpose or a side agenda which was in place firstly thus leading to the need for a form of beauty, and so mankind emulates his perceived surroundings and assigns all beauty a sub-task for which its beauty is just the mode of delivery for its purpose or job.

If this is deemed to be true then beauty must have no value in itself and therefore cannot truly be beautiful. Man finds it almost impossible to create something of beauty without attaching to it a subtle meaning or silent message. The human race feels lost and shudders to think of a purposeless universe twirling and pulsating in all its perfect majesty for no other reason than IT IS. A good example is Mona Lisa’s smile by which i mean the painting not the much later but also very brilliant movie.Mans natural love of creating beauty is governed and oppressed by this need for functionality, a grand cathedral cannot be built for its own sake, it must always be in homage to a god or gods or idol, we view the beauty of women as the same in homage to another whether man or woman but hardly ever for its own sake.